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Kidney Cyst

Kidney Cyst – Treatments and Surgery


Kidney cyst is common. Many patients with kidney cysts do not have pain or blood in urine.

Majority of kidney cysts are not cancerous. However some of them are classified as Bosniak 3 or Bosniak 4 category, which increases the chance that they are complex kidney cysts with cancer.

Investigations for Kidney cyst

CT Kidneys scan

Determines the internal structure of kidney cysts to look for suspicious tumours. Checks for Bosniak classification of complex kidney cysts.

Treatments for Kidney cyst

Monitoring and observation

Monitors for any change in size or nature of kidney cysts.

Laparoscopic marsupialisation

Key-hole surgery to remove a piece of kidney cyst wall for testing. This surgery is for benign kidney cyst and it reduces the chance of the kidney cyst from getting bigger.

Partial nephrectomy

This operation is done to remove only the dangerous complex kidney cyst, which may have kidney cancer.

It does not remove the rest of healthy kidney, in order to preserve as much normal kidney as possible.

This operation can be done by open surgical technique, laparoscopic key-hole method, or using the modern daVinci Robotic operating system.